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Welcome to Uni3 - World of Food!

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We offer our guests a personal experience in a state-of-the-art restaurant, where Asian flavors meet Western cuisines. We draw inspiration from the five traditional elements of China - fire, earth, metal, water, and wood - when we design our dishes, and these elements will be a hallmark in both menus and interior design.

On our menu, you will find an innovative and modern mix of flavors from Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam together with Nordic cuisines. Occasionally, there will also be some temporary tastes from “guest country”, for instance Texas barbecue.

Uni3 - World of Food also offers the opportunity for guests to book one of the five chambre séparée, each of which is connected to one of the five elements. For those who prefer an even more private dining experience, there is also "Gang´s Taste" where we either prepare and serve the food only for you, or we guide you as your party cookalong under our chef's guidance.

You will find Uni3 - World of Food on the entrance floor in the main building at Uni3 by Geely (Pumpgatan 1, Lindholmen, Gothenburg).


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Download the Uni3 app today!
In the app you can order food and drinks, see the menu of the week and take part of awesome offers.

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Examples of functions and special offers:
• Order and pay for your purchases directly in the app
• Take advantage of offers and news
• Order take away products, dinner bags etc .
• See the weekly menus
• Great taste no waste: When we have food and products with short expiration date, those who have the app can buy these for half the price. Win-win!
• Find contact details, opening hours and information about the restaurant, the café and the bar.

Great taste no waste
When we have food and products with short expiration date, our guests who have the Uni3app, will be able to buy these for half the price. Good for your wallet and the environment, win-win. Keep an eye on the alerts with those special offers!

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