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On behalf Scania Eurest operates 14 restaurants and nine kiosks on Scania sites in Luleå, Södertälje and Oskarshamn. We offer a wide range of lunches, healthy snacks and a wide selection of catering for Scania's many important meetings.

To constantly develop the business Eurest work closely with Scania's Healthcare managers to on a daily basis offer an appealing and nutritious selection to safeguard Scania employees' wellbeing. Our undertaking is largely based on us providing a balanced offering with a focus on health.   

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Our offering

Our ambition is to create culinary experiences that contribute to improved health and well-being at Scania. In order to encourage a healthier lifestyle, the healthy options will always be the cheapest. To make it easier for you as a guest, we have divided the courses into some groups. The menues extent may vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Dagens Nyckelhål

Grilled chicken with roasted root vegetables and parsley gravy
The meal gives us everything we need to feel good. The various nutrients complement each other and it is the combination and distribution of ingredients that are important.

Dagens rätt (Dish of the day)

Classic hamburger with Madeira, three kinds of fried onion and boiled potatoes

Dagens Vegetariska (Vegetarian dish of the day)

Homemade vegetable patties with couscous, tabouleh and garlic yogurt
Green is good. Wonderfully fresh salads, but also delicious casseroles, pies, soups and more.

Dagens Soppa (Soup of the day) (including bread)

Chanterelle soup with blue cheese cream and herb-focaccia
This is a quick, easy and satisfying option that is priced according to ingredients.

Gränslöst Gott

Saffron seasoned seafood paella made with white wine and tomato and served with lime aioli
A dish with influences from foreign lands. You are treated to a new seasoning or maybe an unfamiliar ingredient.

Dagens Svea

Classic Beef Rydberg served with mustard cream, egg yolk, diced potatoes and red wine sauce
These dishes are based on an tradition and mostly traditional ingredients, sometimes they are organic, others local and the dish is priced accordingly.

Salladsbuffé (Salad Buffet)

The guest composes her own salad from our usual salad buffet and supplements with one or more protein components served in bowls.
Examples of protein components is grilled chicken, smoked salmon, roast beef or shrimp.

Delikatessbuffé (Deli Buffet)

The deli buffet is served in Granpark and is an upscale salad buffet with a large selection and great variety. The idea of the deli buffet is to offer a luxurious alternative with exciting new flavors!
At the deli buffet you find sources of protein such as marinated turkey, pork tenderloin in teriyaki marinade, smoked salmon with cloudberry sauce, pastrami with horseradish and cheese crème.  

* Restaurants that meet the criteria for the Nyckelhålet på restaurang serves at least one Nyckelhål-marked dish each day and the restaurant meets the specific criteria for the course, the accessories, serving / distribution and signs. At the restaurants that are certified Nyckelhål restaurants the staff have also been trained and ensured to have knowledge of how to compose well-balanced meals for well-being and good health.


Dagens Nyckelhål, dagens rätt, dagens vegetariska, dagens Svea, Gränslöst Gott includes bread, butter, salad, water and coffee
The soup includes bread, water and coffee
Salad includes water, bread and coffee