Terms of Use

Terms of Eurestkortet from Compass Group AB.

These general conditions apply to Eurestkortet (” the Card") issued by Compass Group AB ("Compass”). The conditions govern the relationship between Compass and the User of the Card (”User"). By loading the Card with cash or using the Card, the User accepts the terms and conditions applicable.

The conditions may change; this will be notified via the website www.eurestkortet.se four weeks prior to the changes taking effect. Current conditions are always on site.


The Card a is pre- loaded cash Card used at Compass restaurants, cafes and retail outlets to pay for meals, drinks, and/or goods. The Card can also be used where appropriate, for payment of the Compass vending machines which have been adapted for Card use. The Card is issued to the User of the Card. Balance on Card is not refundable.


The Card can be used in Sweden at Compass restaurants / cafes / outlets for payment of meals, drinks, goods and/or services. See specification on the website.


The Card is loaded with a certain value (Balance).

The Balance is determined in Swedish kronor. The maximum amount that can be deposited to the Card at any one time amounted to SEK 10, 000.


The Card is rechargeable and can be refilled indefinitely. The charging can be made in cash or by payment by debit Card or credit Card at the retail outlets where the Card is used, as well as directed on www.eurestkortet.se .


The Card is swiped in the cash register at the respective outlet. Code ( PIN code ) is not required for registration of purchase. These purchases do not need to be acknowledged in writing. The Balance on the Card is reduced by the value of the purchased goods / services. The Card cannot be charged in addition to the remaining Balance on the Card at any given purchase. Payment can then be supplemented by other means of payment.

If the check-out at the time of purchase lacks network connection, and Card Balance thus cannot be verified, purchase is till permitted. Debit of the Card Balance will then occur at the time when the connection to the network is restored.

If the purchase at the aforementioned time exceeds the current Balance of the Card, a negative Balance is generated which automatically will be regulated at the next charging opportunity.


Unless the registration is completed in accordance with item 9, the Card is a completely anonymous, non- personal, payment which gives the User the right to utilize the Balance. Point of sale is entitled to rely on that the person presenting the Card is authorized to utilize the Balance.

The Card may be loaned out but the Balance on the Card will be charged with the payment even if the Card is used without authorization . The Card is a valuable document that should always be stored in a safe manner.


The Card can be used and recharged unlimited number of times.

If the User does not use his Card for purchases over a continuous period of 12 months, the Card expires to be valid without notice. When the Card is expired, it cannot be used for payment. The Balance on the Card is thereby lost for the User. Compass does not therefore compensate for Balance that is not used.


The User can register the Card via the website www.eurestkortet.se . Upon registration the Card number is tied to the User (via email and phone number) which allows you to suspend a lost Card and to receive offers .


Upon loss of the registered Card User can cancel the Card. Card suspension is done on www.eurestkortet.se

When Compass has received information about the loss of the Card, the User is not liable for any amounts deducted from the Balance on the Card by way of use by an unauthorized person.

A loss reported Cards is always cancelled for further use. When a registered Card is suspended, a registered User can pick up a new Card. When the User suspends the Card one receives a special code - start code - submitted via text or email. Handing over of a new Card is done in a Retail Outlet upon the User stating the start code. The new Card is charged with the Balance that existed on the suspended Card at the time that Compass received notification of loss of Card.


Interest is not payable on the Balance on the Card.


Compass is not responsible for any damage due to Swedish or foreign legislation, Swedish or foreign authority , acts of war , strikes, blockades , boycotts, lockouts , fire , sabotage or other circumstances that are beyond the Compass control. Reservation in respect of strikes, blockades, boycotts and lockouts shall apply even if the Compass itself is the subject of or take such action. If Compass due to circumstances mentioned above is prevented from fulfilling commitment to the User, Compass is entitled to suspend the fulfillment of this , until the obstacle is removed.

Compass is not obliged to compensate for damages arising if Compass has exercised due care. Compass is not responsible for damage arising out of lost Card.

Compass is not responsible for damage incurred by a particular retail outlet not accepting the Card or has ceased operations or is no longer part of Compass.


The outlet that supplied the goods or services paid with the Card shall be liable to the User in accordance with what has been agreed and applicable law. Claims in respect of goods or services should be directed to the point of sales.

Complaints regarding lack of functionality of the Card should be directed to Compass . Such complaints shall be made as soon as the User of the Card has detected the error.


If payment cannot be made with the Card due to lack of functionality, the User - if the Card is registered – can have the Balance on the Card transferred to a new Card. The User shall surrender the old, non -functioning Card.


Upon information and notice of change of terms or the like, Compass utilize the site www.eurestkortet.se


Swedish law apply as regards the conditions for the Card. Swedish courts have jurisdiction to hear any disputes about the Card.


How the Users personal data is used

Personal information submitted to Compass or as otherwise recorded in connection with the registration of the Card, will be processed by Compass. Compass may supplement the personal information by gathering data from private and public records. Personal data will be treated to Compass to fulfill its commitments and obligations under the law. The data may also provide a basis for Compass marketing and customer analysis, business and method development, calculation and administration of savings, risk management, statistics, and used to give the User offers of new products and services from Compass. Data will also be collected in connection with the purchase at the retail outlets, so-called purchase information (i.e. information about the goods purchased, price and date of purchase). Purchase information can also be collected to be used for targeted marketing based on past purchases, to provide information about Compass or any of these partners’ goods or services, and to customize products and services.

The information may also be disclosed to Compass Group subsidiaries or affiliates relating to this agreement, both in Sweden and abroad (including outside the EU / EEA ) for use for the above purposes. Information can also be run in conjunction with the corresponding data at Compass or any of the specified recipients. Data may be retained and used for any of the above purposes beyond the customer relationship's termination.

By accepting these terms and the User provides consent to the processing of data as described above. Consent is also given for Compass sending the User marketing materials through electronic mail (e -mail); electronic message services (SMS) or other similar automated system for individual communication.

If the User wishes to receive information about the personal data about the User that Compass processes, notify that the User does not wish to receive marketing material or request that Compass corrects or removes inaccurate or incomplete information, the User send an inquiry / request to Compass PUL Agent kenneth.ohlsson@compass-group.se.